imc DEVICES - Introductory Training

Ideal for the first-time owner of an imc measurement device

imc measurement devices come with the standard operating software imc DEVICES included. In this beginner’s course you will learn in a day to operate the system. You will perform practical exercises, learn background information about measurement technology and receive tips for working with the system.

Target Participants:
Newcomers to performing data acquisition with imc measurement devices.

Familiarity with MS Windows (e.g., Win XP or Win 7, etc.).

Course Content:

  • Set-up and connection of the measuring system
    - connection to measuring system and PC
    - commissioning of the measurement system
    - signal connections to corresponding inputs (measurement examples)
  • Basic configuration for measuring
    - initial settings
    - setting channel names, sampling rates, etc. on the base card
    - setting signal conditioning on the amplifier card
    - online presentation of the measurement
    - pre-processing of data (processing card)
    - presentation of measurement data
  • Settings for saving data and triggering options
    - definition of events to initiate trigger
    - using monitor channels
    - pre-trigger
    - digital tasks after trigger initiation

1 Day (9:00 am - 4:30 pm)

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