Strain Gauge Measurement - Principles & Applications

Just three days to become a strain gauge specialist! This training program will give you an overview of the fundamentals of strain gauge application, the electrical measurement of mechanical quantities and the current state of strain gauge technology. Taking measurements with strain gauges is the single most important method for determining mechanical strain. In this seminar, carried out in accordance with the specifications VDI/VDE/GESA 2636, you will learn both the theoretical principles and practical applications of independently applied strain gauges and learn about the current state of technology. Focusing on strain gauge and bridge amplifier measurement and testing, this seminar covers sensor selection in relation to specific applications. The training includes an extensive practical part, helping to expand theoretical knowledge by using concrete examples. Thus, the training program is a compact forum for information, discussion and practice.

Target participants:
Those interested in a concise introduction to strain gauge technology, especially technicians, engineers and employees from development or test departments that want to carry out daily operations and applications using strain gauge measurement.


Seminar content:

Day 1:

  • Overview of common sensors used in physical measurement
  • Basics of strain gauge technology with application demonstrations
  • Presentation and explanation of strain gauge bridge circuits

Day 2:

  • Applications and practical exercises with strain gauges
  • Measuring with bridge amplifiers
  • Training on error avoidance

Day 3:

  • Voltage calculations from measured strain
  • Possible sources of measurement uncertainty
  • Strain gauge measurement errors 
  • Application examples of stress analyses

3 Days (9:00am – 4:30pm)

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