Measurement & control system for fatigue testing

Austrian university uses measurement systems from imc

  • The durability test stands used by an Austrian university operate multi-functional tests of vehicle components: for example, for testing train bogies. The university operates the test stands with imc measurement hardware and software

For multi-axis test stands, imc CRONOScompact provides for measuring and open- and closed-loop control:

  • Ideal for multi-channel systems in test stand applications
  • From static to highly-dynamic testing
  • A wide range of universal and special I/O modules
  • Integrated power output stage for direct control of servo-hydraulic cylinders
  • Direct integration of fieldbuses such as CAN, FlexRay, ARINC, MVB

imc STUDIO - modular software platform:

  • Configuration of all inputs and outputs and definition of test sequences
  • Assistants commissioning, manual and automatic operation of cylinders
  • Limit value monitoring with hard and soft limits and threshold memory
  • Comfortable set-point editor and function generator
  • Real-time analysis such as, e.g., damage calculation

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.