Endurance test stands for starters


The starter: the driving force of vehicle economy

  • Over the course of a week, twelve sample starters must complete a specified number of target starts. The guidelines for the requirementprofiles are given by the vehicle manufacturer
  • The testing is to find out whether the starters behave with consist characteristics and quality – or whether the results show different loading deviations


  • An imc CRONOScompact acquires voltages and currents. In addition, it takes over control of the test objects
  • 4 imc CRONOSflex modules acquire dynamic displacements & voltage waveforms
  • 6 imc CANSAS modules provide slower temperature measurements
  • A total of 160 measurement and control channels are recorded
  • In addition to the measuring device, 180 result-derived channels are calculated by the real-time analysis software platform imc STUDIO
  • On the software side of the endurance test, the imc STUDIO Sequencer shows how many times a certain test “n” is passed
  • Each starter can be set to its own parameters
  • With every start, related results are calculated from the measured data. This forms parameters that concisely characterize each cycle, thus presenting a trend indicator

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.