Shifting test stand with gearbox simulation

Multi-purpose test stands: development and endurance testing

  • Shifting components such as control levers, housings and Bowden cables are tested under ambient conditions
  • Around 40 shifting/gearbox combinations are defined and provided for testing
  • The results will serve to optimize the shifter components in terms of performance, durability, safety and size
  • The test benches are designed for temperatures from -40 to + 180°C. In addition, two different temperature zones are realized
  • In one year, about 12 test experiments per test stand are conducted, each with 25,000 sequence cycles
  • For each test, the test object is driven over one million load cycles
  • To simulate the shifting behavior of the car’s driver and the opposing force of the gearbox during a “test drive”, electro-mechanical load units are implementedControl algorithms provide for the introduction of the right forces, momentum and displacement (with full realization from the imc STUDIO measurement software platform)
  • Implementation of customer safety regulations in all respects

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.