随着Dx 遥测技术的发展,我们可以更好地专注用户需求:无论是在试验台、外场测试还是出厂设定——通过创建一个搭配通用发射器的模块化系统,Dx 系统能涵盖大多数的应用;而且性价比优,即便削减预算也有适合的解决方案确保完成试验任务。



Dx-Empfangseinheit RCI (Front)
Dx-Empfangseinheit RCI (Front)
Dx-Empfangseinheit RCI (Rückseite)
Dx-Empfangseinheit RCI (Rückseite)






Dx 可以无缝嵌入到用户已有的测量硬件中,提供多种标准的接口匹配:

  • CAN输出
  • 模拟输出
  • Ethernet接口

Technical data

General Value Comments
Voltage supply9 up to 36 V DC 
Power consumption< 0,5 W  
CAN interface CAN 2.0b,
Standard- & Extended-Identifier,
Freely programmable up to max. 1 MBaud
Connection according to ISO 11898, galvanically-isolated
Analog output 6 BNC jacks Channels freely assignable, output max. ±10 V
Autozero remote controlled  
Antennas 2 independent receiver systems operating in diversity mode  
Storage SD card (SDHC)
SynchronizationSynchronized sampling & regulated transmission frequencies of up to 4 transmitter units (SCTs) 
Temperature range-20°C to +65°C
Display2.83 inch OLED, 320 x 240 px
Dimensionsca. 170 x 130 x 53 mm
Weight ca. 0.8 kg
Option: speed recordinginput for yaw rate sensorOnline calculation of power from the torsional moment and speed
Option: data loggerstorage of measured data on integrated SD cardin preparation