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imc Online FAMOS – 实时获得结果





无需依赖外部PC,imc Online FAMOS可直接在测量系统内部,将原始测量数据转换成即时信息。imc Online FAMOS提供多通道实时数据的同步数学运算,计算和记录信号统计信息、比较运算,以及开闭环控制等。 

由此,imc Online FAMOS可为您节省大量时间和金钱!通过边测试边查看的方式缩减测试时间;对于变化忽快忽慢的信号,记录明显趋势变化点来最小化数据,可用于随后的分析处理。


通常一个测试的进程直接依赖于测试结果及分析。imc Online FAMOS能够消除数据的获取和制定决策之间的延时。数据流运算和其它分析结果都立即可用,而且数据的采集和分析在测量过程中不会相互干扰。这使得测试进程可以被监控,如果有必要也可以修改。例如,不用再等待返回车库才能获得结果,在测试道上,司机就可以判断是否按照规范重来一次,还是继续进行!




测量和控制设备间的反馈控制,实时响应仅在毫秒级。无需额外的硬件,imc Online FAMOS结合imc数采系统的数字或模拟输出就可完成。

Stand alone without PC

Neither the real-time data analysis nor the display of the processed data requires a PC. The analysis is carried out on the processor of the stand alone imc data acquisition system.

For data visualization, an imc display which is also suited for interactions such as starting / stopping the measurement, can be used.


与固定用途的分析仪不同,imc Online FAMOS可根据试验需要工作,提供150多种函数和运算,结合虚拟通道变换出无限的可能!鉴于imc Online FAMOS能够对连续的测量数据流进行运算,所产生的虚拟通道能进行各种控制,以及成为复杂的触发条件。


利用imc Online FAMOS的公式助手,只需轻轻点击鼠标就可使用函数。不用为专业的编程语言技能培训而烦恼,imc 数据采集系统可以让测试测量变得简单、快乐!

Comprehensive functions library

For data analysis, a comprehensive collection of standard functions is available: e.g., performance calculations, statistical analysis or mathematical functions. In addition, special areas of application are covered - such as order analysis, acoustical assessments, strain gauge rosette circuits, classifying algorithms for stress analysis, digital filtering or non-linear characteristic curve evaluations.

Basic mathematical operations

  • All basic mathematical functions are available - from basic arithmetic to differential equations, integers or characteristic curve corrections.
  • Functions are easily defined by simply entering formulas in "Pocket Calculator" notation.
  • Results are output in the form of virtual channels and can be saved and used for further functions.

Statistical functions

A variety of statistical functions are available, e.g.,

  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Mean value
  • Running RMS
  • and much more

Data reduction (transitional recording)

  • Data reduction for analog data
  • Dynamic sampling rate based on the wave form
  • Reduction factor of up to 250

Power measurement

  • 1-, 2- or 3-phase power measurements
  • Automatically calculates active power, apparent power, reactive power and power factor

Strain gauge rosette calculation

  • Analysis of strain measurement with rosettes
  • Detailed assistant for convenient parameterization of the function
  • Direct output of principal stresses and strains as a result channels


测量和控制设备间的反馈控制,实时响应仅在毫秒级。无需额外的硬件,imc Online FAMOS结合imc数采系统的数字或模拟输出就可完成。

Control and monitoring

  • Limit monitoring of any measurement channels and reaction initiation
  • Control constructs for measurement process control and communication with third-party devices
  • Event log


    • PID-Controller
    • Two-point controller
    • Controller output limiting
    • Controller block

    Digital filters, FFT

    • Inverts or complex FFT
    • High, low, band pass filter etc.
    • Acoustical filter such as A-, B-, or C-assessments

    Order-tracking analysis

    • Order spectrum
    • Determines RPM-value/frequency line
    • Pulse time measurement
    • Complex order line
    • Smoothing
    • and much more

    Online class-counting

    • Classification histogram
    • Rain Flow
    • Two-channel revolutions matrix
    • Extreme value approximation
    • and much more

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