imc STUDIO的实时数据分析

信号处理平台 imc Online FAMOS 与 imc Inline FAMOS 可提供开闭环控制和实时数据分析。后者是基于数据流的计算(从正在进行的测量中获取数据)。


Functionimc Online FAMOSimc Inline FAMOS
real-time analysis    on the measurement deviceon the computer
stand-alone calculations (without PC)    ++
calculations across multiple devices   ++
computationally intensive analyses    +++
fast measurement and control applications (considered safety-critical)    ++
parallel calculation sequences (multicore calculations)    ++
comprehensive function set++++
    mathematical functions
    logical functions
    comparison functions
    statistical analysis
    data reduction
    power analysis
    frequency analysis
    acoustic evaluations
    order tracking analysisoptional
    strain gauge rosette calculations
    classification algorithmsoptionaloptional
    digital filters
    evaluation of characteristic curves
Key:++ very good+ good neutral included   optional Add On  

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