Analyzing measurement uncertainties with imc FAMOS 7.1

No measurement is exact! Therefore, the calculation of the measurement uncertainty provides certainty with regard to the measurement result. imc FAMOS 7.1 allows to analyze effects of measurements uncertainties for almost each algorithm written as sequence.

You have the following possibilities:

  • Calculation of uncertainty propagation
  • Calculation of uncertainty of mathematical analysis results
  • Adding disturbance to signals
  • Analysis of the impact of disturbance on existing algorithms
  • Testing robustness of algorithms

The GUM (Evaluation of measurement data – Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement)
has established itself as a standard and has become standard reading for the measurement technician.

Such analyzes are integrated as a comfortable and extremely powerful tool in the new imc FAMOS 7.1: an unprecedented innovation in data analysis packages!

A series of white papers explores the theoretical background information in detail.

Video: Measurement uncertainty and its effects on data analysis

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